All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

Green Man or not Green Man?

COTGM Member Vanessa Piggott writes about the “is it or isn’t it a Green Man” section of our Flickr site which can be found at: Please feel free to have a look and add your comments here or on our Flickr pages “

Gosh, is it or isn’t it a Green Man? When you have travelled miles, tramped across fields, and back, to fetch the Key from the last cottage in the village you really want to find a Green Man and it is easy to be convinced. I have looked at the photos and my gut instincts are as follows:- Kilpeck NO
St Mary Radcliffe YES
Glos. NO
Bradford on Avon YES  Foliate Mask
Loxley NO
Earthlights (1) Debatable (2) YES
Wells Debatable
Kent YES
Buckley NO
Calne YES
South Morden NO
Gt Coxwell Too Eroded
East Hagbourne NO
Burford (1) YES (2) NO (3) NO
Langley Marsh YES
Eynesford NO .

When I find a ‘debatable’ I list it anyway for other people to make up their own minds. In general I am against being too purist, there are many different GM hunters, so I say list the lot and let the viewer decide, maybe it will encourage people to go and see for themselves.

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