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We’re back! the temporary computer glich is hopefully resolved,  (shiny new laptop and a second mortgage!) and there’s a bit of web re-building to do but we’re back on track and ready for the spring. If anyone sent me an e-mail in the last couple of weeks I’d be grateful if you could send it again just in case it went down the virtual rabbit hole with the rest of my data!

As May draws closer another quick reminder that the list of events that feature the Green Man, Jack-in-the-Green etc is growing every year. The list below is our current list but we are always extremely grateful  to hear of any others that we may have missed including those outside of the UK. This blog has a worldwide readership so don’t hesitate to drop us a line. I’ve included links to all of the below as some have not fixed their dates as yet. If you would like to add details of an event here please e-mail us at Please go out and support your nearest Jack and join in the wonderful and magical event, then send us in your pictures and experiences of the event.


Bristol Jack in the Green Saturday 1st May 2010
The Bristol Jack in the Green appears on the first Saturday in May starting from the historic Harbourside (outside the Arnolfini) and leads a magical procession through the streets of Bristol eventually ending the day on Horfield Common where he dies to release the spirit of summer. For pictures of the 2009 Bristol Jack in the Green visit our flickr site

Rochester Sweeps Festival and Jack-in-the-Green

The Rochester Sweeps festival still has a Jack in the Green Ceremony where the Jack is awoken on Blue Bell Hill on May Morning and is paraded through the streets during the three day festival attended by hundreds of Morris Teams 

Hasting Jack-in-the-Green Festival April 30th – 3rd May 2010
The Hastings Jack-in-the-Green festival was revived by Keith Leech in 1983 and is now one of the biggest annual gatherings of Morris Dancers in the country.  The Jack is “released” every year and is central to the festival.

Deptford Jack-in-the-Green May 1st 2010
The Fowlers Troop Jack in the Green goes out on the streets of South East London or the City of London every May Day

Brentham May Day and Jack-in-the-Green
Brentham has a big celebration every May which includes a Jack in the Green

Knutsford May Day and Jack-in-the-Green
May Day in Knutsford is celebrated over the May Bank holiday weekend. The main focus is the May Queen but there is a Jack in the Green

City of London Jack-in-the-Green
The City of London Jack-in-the-Green appears in the City on May Day

Oxford Jack-in-the-Green
A Jack in the Green who appears in Oxford on May Day

Whitstable Jack-in-the-Green
Oyster Morris organise the Whitstable Jack

Beltane Bash 30th & 31st May 2010
The parade in 2009 (Sunday 24th May) started from the Conway Hall Red Lion Square London WC1 at 10:30 Led by traditional giants, the Jack-in-the-Green, Thor & Holda, Herne and Andred, Naughty Fairies and The Bogies.

Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival
Edinburgh’s Beltane festival traditionally takes place on the 30th of April every year on Calton Hill. The Green Man begins in a dormant and inactive state in the form of the old Horned God, until he ‘dies’ when he touches the May Queen. Her Handmaidens tear his garments from him and he is ‘reborn’ as the young Green Man with a wild exhilarating dance that celebrates his youth and the new summer.

Clun Green Man Festival 1st – 3rd May 2010
The Clun Green Man Festival is a springtime festival, held over three days on the first May Bank Holiday of the year. The Festival takes place in the picturesque town of Clun in South Shropshire and features a modern interpretation of the Green Man


Green Man Day—Pilton Festival (Barnstaple)
The Green Man Day includes a stilt walking Green Man resplendent in foliage. The ritual enacted at the festival is believed to represent the initial antagonism of the Prior of Pilton and the Green Man and his subsequent inclusion within the church (The church of St Mary has it’s own Green Man) The festival is usually held on the third weekend in July


Carshalton Straw Jack 4th September 2010
A Celebration of Harvest this takes place in September each year. The straw Jack is ritually stripped in the evening so that all present can take a keepsake and then he is burnt in a brazier. It is hoped that he will be burnt as a complete figure one year


Edinburgh Samhain Fire Festival
Edinburgh’s Beltane fire festival organisers also put on a spectacular Samhain fire festival which also features the Green Man as the ‘Horned god’ or ‘Holly Lord’ who rules over winter.

New Year

Twelfth Night Celebrations
Twelfth Night is an annual seasonal celebration held in the Bankside area of London. It is a celebration of the New Year, mixing ancient seasonal customs with contemporary festivity. It is free, accessible to all and happens whatever the weather. To herald the celebration, the extraordinary Holly Man, the Winter guise of the Green Man from pagan myths and folklore, decked in fantastic green garb and evergreen foliage, appears from the River Thames brought by the Thames Cutter, Master Shipbroker  Followed by wassailing a mummers play and other festivities


Marsden Imbolc Fire Festival Feb 2011
Marsden Imbolc Fire Festival is a community festival of celebration, It is a fire festival; based around the Celtic ‘Imbolc’ marking the time when the earth begins to wake up after its winter sleep. The festival was started by Kirklees Countryside Volunteers about 18 years ago, primarily for the people of Marsden to come together at a quiet time of the year and to explore the environment around them and to be aware of the turning of the year. Jack Frost and a fabulous glowing Green Man battle for the spring each year.

If you would like to add details of an event here please e-mail us

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