All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

The Green Man at Beltane with Kit Berry

This course is being run by author and COTGM member Kit Berry.

The Green Man at Beltane: Discover the Green Spirit Within and Without with Kit Berry April 30th – May 3rd 2010

This course will focus on discovering the Green Man for ourselves. It will be a weekend of reconnecting with nature in a beautiful environment, using the grounds of the Victorian neo-Gothic mansion and the countryside of west Dorset. There will be a blend of outdoor activities designed to engage and excite the senses, and indoor creative and meditative exercises for releasing our imaginations into the wyld. Most of all, it will be a lot of fun. Kit is the author of The Stonewylde Series, a collection of novels set in Dorset which celebrate the forces of nature. She speaks all over the UK on “Reconnecting with Nature”. She lived in Dorset for most of her adult life and was a schoolteacher in Weymouth for many years. Two profound spiritual experiences changed the path of her life and she now writes and lectures for a living. Kit has a Batchelor’s degree in English and Media Studies, a PGCE and also a Master’s degree in Education. She has attended many holistic courses herself, both in the UK and Europe, and her talks are always inspirational and uplifting. She believes that unless we are grounded, our feet firmly in the soil and our senses engaged with the elements, we will not find true fulfilment or happiness.

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