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Hastings Jack-in-the-Green 2011

Hastings Jack in the Green May 2nd 2011 © The Company of the Green Man

As the sun rose on Bank Holiday Monday Morning the 2nd May twelve Bogies made their way from the hills around Hastings to the sound of drumming. At 09:45 the gathering began and Mad Jack’s Morris, the Sweeps, the Giants, Hannah’s Cat Morris the Gay Bogies and a huge crowd of onlookers awaited Jacks release. The Hastings Jack-in-the-Green was released from the Fisherman’s Museum on Rock-a-Nore Road At 10:15 and was escorted through the town by the Bogies. In the early afternoon Jack arrived at the Castle, took pride of place and oversaw proceedings. After the dancing  the Bogies paraded Jack down to the stage where he was slain and the spirit of summer was released for another year.