All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

Museum of British Folklore Pop Up Shop

The Museum of British Folklore’s first Pop-Up shop will be at at Stratford-Upon-Avon Civic Hall, Warwickshire. It will open on Tuesday 4th October and run until Saturday 28th October (Tues – Sat 11:30-5:00)

The fabulous greenman skittle above is a one off  and will be available for £75

As well as showing items from the Museum of British Folklore collection, visitors will be able to purchase a wide range of lovely things to help support the museum and its development. Along with Museum mugs and T-shirts complete with the Jonny Hannah designed logo and icons, there will be a positive plethora of Firework related merchandise. Tote bags and tea-towels, posters, postcards, giant fireworks filled with matches and pencils, firework inspired embroidery kits, cushions and toys, jewellery and even headwear, will all pay homage to the UK’s rich firework heritage. A publication to accompany the exhibition will be for sale priced at £19.99.

In addition, the Pop-Up venue will host a small exhibition about the Museum, giving visitors the opportunity to learn more about British Folklore.

The aims of the Museum include:

Drawing greater public attention to the rich and continuing tradition of folklore as a vital component in the social fabric and cultural identity of the British Isles.

Actively encouraging the study of traditional customs and seasonal events as they presently exist in the British Isle focusing on the way indigenous folk traditions are revived, altered or adapted in a contemporary context.

To accurately portray the history and rich tradition of folk practice throughout the ages.

For more information about The Museum of British Folklore go to

For their fantastic new Remember Remember video (featuring a green man at the start) go to

And for details about the fireworks exhibition go to

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