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Knutsford Jack-in-the-Green 2013

Knutsford Jack -in-the-Green 2013 © Andrew Warman

Knutsford Jack -in-the-Green 2013 © Andrew Warman

I’m pleased to announce that the Knutsford Jack-in-the-Green was sighted in Knutsford yesterday (Saturday 4th May)

The Knutsford Jack-in-the-Green is probably the oldest continual annual Jack in the Green. Apart from the war years it has paraded every year since 1890. My thanks to Andrew Warman for sending us pictures of this wonderful Jack.

Jack’s Alive!

Fowlers Troop Jack 2013 copyright © Mark Duncan

Fowlers Troop Jack 2013 copyright © Mark Duncan

As you can see from the posts below Jack-in-the-Green events have been sprouting up all over the country with a fantastic eight Jacks confirmed as sighted already in 2013! These are: Winchcombe, Deptford/Greenwich, Bluebell Hill/Rochester, Lands End, Oxford, Guildford, Knutsford and Bristol.

I’m just waiting for confirmation that the Highworth, Tunbridge Wells, High Wycombe and the City of London Jacks went out. I would love to hear from anyone who sighted these Jacks and would be very grateful for any pictures for our archives, please contact me at

But there are many more to come and I would encourage anyone who hasn’t experienced the magic of Jack-in-the-Green to have a look at the events page on the main website to see if there is going to be a Jack near them this year.

Jacks still to come are:

Monday 6th May

Hastings Jack-in-the-Green
Whitstable Jack-in-the-Green
Ilfracombe Jack-in-the-Green

Saturday 11th May

Brentham May Day Jack-in-the-Green

Saturday 18th May

Yaxley (Cambridgeshire) Jack-in-the-Green

If anyone knows of any other Jacks I may have missed I would love to hear about them. The Beltane Bash Bash event didn’t take place again this year but the Pagan Pride Parade looks like it will take place in August. I would be grateful if anyone taking part in the parade who is aware of a Jack-in-the-Green participating would get in touch.

More information and links to any available websites for events can be found on our events page at:

Bristol Jack-in-the-Green 2013

Bristol Jack -in-the-Green 2013 © Martyn Gaunt

Bristol Jack -in-the-Green 2013 © Martyn Gaunt

I am very pleased to be able to report that the Bristol Jack-in-the-Green was seen yesterday accompanied by his Bogies leading a magical procession through the streets of Bristol from the Harbourside, via St Nicholas Market out of the city to Horfield common where in the evening he died and released the spirit of Summer. I am indebted to COTGM member Martyn Gaunt for his wonderful pictures of the event which will be uploaded to our Flickr Archive shortly

Guildford Jack-in-the-Green 2013

Guildford Jack -in-the-Green 2013 © Mark & Naomi Iliff

Guildford Jack -in-the-Green 2013 © Mark & Naomi Iliff

The Guildford Jack-in-the-Green (or Guildford Bush) was sighted at the Summerpole festivities in Guildford yesterday (Saturday 4th May) accompanied by Pilgrim Morris and guest Morris sides.

My thanks to Mark and Naomi Iliff for their kind permission to reproduce their photo. More on our Flickr archive shortly