All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

Bristol Jack-in-the-Green 2014 (and more to come!)

Bristol Jack-in-the-Green 2014 copyright © The Company of the Green Man

Bristol Jack-in-the-Green 2014 copyright © The Company of the Green Man

As you can see from the posts below the Bristol Jack-in-the-Green went out and about in Bristol this morning. I followed him from the Harbour up to St Nicholas Market and as always it was a magical event made all the more special by copious amounts of sunshine across the West Country today. I had to head off early and so sadly wasn’t there to see Jack meet his end an hour ago on Horfield Common. If anyone has any pictures from the afternoon please do get in touch using the contact tab above. All the best to all the wonderful people involved with the Bristol Jack and thanks for another great year.

More pictures of this years Jacks-in-the-Green will be on our Flickr archive:

Confirmed Jack sightings so far:

  • Winchcombe
  • Rochester (Blue Bell Hill)
  • Oxford
  • Deptford (Fowlers Troop)
  • Bristol

Today the Guildford, Knutsford and Highworth Jacks should have gone out, it would be great if anyone who saw them could let me know and if possible send me some pictures for our blog and archive of Jacks in the Green.

Hastings, Whitstable and Ilfracombe next! This Bank Holiday Monday the 5th!

Do go along if you can and please let me know all about it and send in some photos. I will be at Whitstable for my first time this year and hope to post pictures of Jack from there. Here are the timetables for all this Mondays Jacks:

Hastings Timetable:

7:30am – 9am Breakfast, Mary Star of the Sea Church Crypt

9am – 10am The Gathering outside the Fisherman’s museum on Rock-a-Nore Road

10am Jack is released

The Procession

12:30pm The West Hill,

3:30pm The Slaying of the Jack


Whitstable Timetable:

10am at Library

1:15pm Harbour

1:45pm Castle


Ilfracombe Timetable:

11am from the Wilder Road car park (at the rear of Co-Op)

12:00 the ‘Clapping Circle’ near the Landmark Theatre

Followed by the ‘Stripping of Jack’ ceremony on Wildersmouth beach


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