All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

2014 Jack-in-the-Green update

Whitstable (Oyster Morris) Jack-in-the-Green 2014

Whitstable (Oyster Morris) Jack-in-the-Green 2014

I am extremely pleased to be able to confirm that the Highworth, Oxford, Guildford and Ilfracombe Jacks have all been sighted this year along with a revival of the Cheltenham Sweeps Jack. Reports have also just come in that the Brentham Jack went out today. If you have pictures of any of the Jacks that went out this year please do consider sending a copy to me  at so that I can add it to our free online Flickr photographic archive, all pictures are always copyrighted to the original photographer and will never be used without prior permission. My thanks to everyone who has put up with me and been so kind this year. Whitstable Oyster Morris and the wonderful Dixie Lee (pictured above with their Jack)  Dead Horse Morris, The Bristol Jack-in-the-Green and everyone who has sent me sightings and some wonderful pictures so far…please keep them coming! I will be uploading all the pictures I have taken and those sent in over the next few weeks so please keep checking back to the Flickr archive and this blog.

Confirmed Jack sightings so far:

  • Winchcombe – May Dawn
  • Rochester Sweeps (Blue Bell Hill) – May Dawn
  • Whitstable (Dead Horse Morris) – May Dawn
  • Deptford (Fowlers Troop) – May Day
  • Bristol
  • Knutsford
  • Cheltenham Sweeps
  • Whitstable (Oyster Morris)
  • Hastings
  • Guildford
  • Highworth
  • Ilfracombe
  • Oxford
  • Brentham

Sadly there have been no sightings of the following Jacks this year:

  • Tunbridge Wells (last seen 2012)
  • City of London Jack (last seen in Hastings in 2012)
  • High Wycombe (no sightings since 2012)
  • Lands End (fog and rain in Cornwall meant that Boekka’s Lands End Jack-in the-Green couldn’t see in the dawn this year)

Still to come:

  • Yaxley Jack-in-the-Green – Saturday May 17th
  • A rumour that a Jack may parade in the Pagan Pride Parade this year……

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