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Archive for Sep 6, 2014

Green Man Book Shop Open


I’m very pleased to announce the opening of The Company of the Green Man’s very own Amazon Bookshop.

Just click on THIS LINK or on the bookshop page above and you will be instantly transported to our bespoke bookshop packed with books related to the Green Man, the Traditional Jack-in-the-Green and other related titles.

Whilst I’ve published links to many green man and Jack-in-the-Green related books on our websites bookshop page over the years it was always a bit clunky and difficult to navigate (and update). Our shiny new bookshop makes browsing the shelves and purchasing your books pure joy. For the full experience I recommend that  you brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee, sit in a comfy chair and pull up your laptop/Ipad/IPhone/Android Phone/ (delete as appropriate)  and browse the virtual bookshelves at your leisure

If you buy your green man books via our Amazon Book Shop  you pay nothing extra but a small referral fee may go towards the Company of the Green Man. This helps us to keep our website and membership free for all our members. In fact anything you purchase from Amazon after going through one of the links may be eligible to earn us a small referral fee so please consider doing so whenever you are planning to shop at Amazon.

And if you know of a title you would like added to our bookshelves please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the “contact us” link above.