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Book of the Month – October

The Green Man


Our book of the month for October is  “A Little Book of The Green Man” by Mike Harding

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Historical Jack-in-the-Green – October

Charles Green - Jack in the Green 1869

Each month I publish a  newspaper article that featured the traditional Jack-in-the-Green along with a picture or photograph from the archive. Each of these articles is a fascinating window into a bygone era. For more information about the Jack in the Green both current and historical visit our main website at:


About ten o’clock yesterday morning a very frightful accident occurred in the Blackfriars-road. A group of May-day sweeps, decorated with ribbons, accompanied by what is called “Jack in the Green” and drums, were performing their grotesque capers in the road, when suddenly the horses of a Gentleman’s carriage near them started and plunged into the crowd, unfortunately knocking down a little sweep and the man called “Jack in the Green.” The affrighted horses were, almost in a minute after, stopped, but, unhappily, the unfortunate boy was so dreadfully injured by the wheels passing over him, that he died instantly, and was removed into a public-house. The “Jack in the Green” was severely bruised , and being extricated from his drapery, was carried to the Hospital.

The Morning Post, 2 May 1828, page 3.

The picture featured this month is Jack in the Green by Charles Green (1869)

Green Man Sighting – Lincoln Cathedral

Lincolnshire, Lincoln Cathedral Copyright  ©  Sarah Poole

Lincolnshire, Lincoln Cathedral Copyright © Sarah Poole

My thanks to Sarah Poole for sending us these wonderful photographs of Green Men in Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire for our photographic archive. You can view these pictures and hundreds more at:

Copyright for any pictures or videos you send in always remains with the original photographer as does full control over how the pictures are used. I will never use anybody’s images for any commercial use without full written permission. occasionally I get requests to use pictures for books, magazines and these requests are always passed on directly to the copyright holder.

If you wish to add a picture to the gallery just e-mail it to me via the contact tab above (for large collections please contact me first)

Although digital photos are easiest for us to post onto the Gallery we understand that there are many people out there out there whose collections were created in the days of dark rooms or Boots! (as were mine) but fear not! most photo shops (and even Boots) will scan photographs into a digital format for you and burn them onto a disc for you. I am also more than happy to do this for you too for no charge.

Lincolnshire, Lincoln Cathedral Copyright  ©  Sarah Poole

Lincolnshire, Lincoln Cathedral Copyright © Sarah Poole