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Company of the Green Man T-Shirts


I am regularly asked if we have a members t-shirt available and I can finally say yes!! I don’t have time to produce and post out t-shirts myself so I have in the past made t-shirts available via a couple of online merchandise stores. The problem has always been quality and price. In the early days the quality of the t-shirts and the printing was very poor, logos would come off after a couple of washes and the shirts would shrink. Prices were also very restrictive especially the postage.

Things seem to have come on a long way since those days and so I am very happy to make a number of designs available via Zazzle. You are able to customise the t-shirts in many ways. You can choose the type of t-shirt (men’s/ladies) the colour and the fabric (standard/organic etc.) You can also choose from a number of styles including hooded sweatshirts and double sided items. As with most online t-shirt manufacturers the prices are still a little high, but Zazzle regularly feature promotional codes  on their website (see below) which brings them down to a reasonable price if you use standard shipping.  The Company of the Green Man will make the minimal percentage possible on any sale in order to pass the saving on to our members. Zazzle promise 100% satisfaction, if you don’t absolutely love it they’ll take it back!

To purchase yours just go to or use the merchandise tab at the top of this blog page.

50% OFF ALL T-SHIRTS on Zazzle on Thursday 24th March Use the Code: SUPERBATMENS

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