All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

Jack’s Alive!



My thanks to everyone who took part in the revival of The Cheltenham Jack-in-the-Green today for putting up with me and my camera.

The Cheltenham Sweeps Jack was first recorded in 1830, it appears in a wonderful photograph taken of May Day in Cheltenham in 1892 (below) The last recording of a Jack still processing in Cheltenham was in 1912. The Cheltenham Jack was revived in 2014 by Mike Bottomley & Phil Collins and this year saw it’s first return to the streets of Cheltenham for over 100 years. To celebrate the occasion the original photograph was recreated using both the original photograph and a detailed description of the Mayday celebrations from 1891. The Cheltenham Jack will also be appearing at Sudeley Castle’s Victorian May celebrations on Monday May 2nd. There are many more Jack-in-the-Green events to come, for the full list please see the post below this one. And if anyone has pictures of any of this years Jacks please do send them in. 


 More photos from this years Cheltenham Jack-in-the-Green can be found in our online Flickr archive at:

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