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Rituals and Declarations Zine issue 1 Winter 2019/2020

Limited-run (4 issues only) small-press magazine about the Weird. First issue Jan 2020, remaining 3 issues publishing quarterly after that



* Navigating the Hill of Dreams: the Significance of Folk Horror in an Age of Ecological Breakdown – by L B Limbrey

* Bodies of Water – Fiction by Sylvia Warren

* Acid Renaissance: Albion’s True Standard Advanced – Art by Paul Watson

* Cunning County by Emily Banting – Fiction by David Southwell, with art by Maria Strutz

* Bienvenue à Villefranche: Black Spot Season One – Review by David Southwell

* Cathexis – by Tim Dedopulos

* Cthulhu Madness – by Phil Hine, with art by Maria Strutz

* The Demon’s Mistress or the Demon’s Self: The Snake and the Monstrous Feminine – by Maria J Pérez Cuervo

* O Sunny Hour! Towards the Centenary of the Vine Press – by Justin Hopper