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Exploring the Green Men of Stoke – Kate Lynch Artist in Residence

Saturday 31st July – Saturday 14th August 2010

Kate Lynch will be using her time as Artist in Residence to develop her work which looks at The Green Man. The Green Man can be seen in many forms on some of the town’s buildings. Throughout the residency the public will be introduced to the Green Men of Stoke Town through artwork, maps and sightseeing trails.


Wednesday 4th August all day (10:30 am – 4:30pm)
Create your own Green Man face using a range of locally sourced materials including clay, discarded ceramic lithographs and found wallpapers from around the city.

Other drop-in workshops will take place daily. Please check opening hours available online or at SHOP

To find out more pop in for a cup of tea anytime to:

116 Church Street, Stoke Town. ST4 1BU Next to the Spode Works archway.

More info at

Kate’s fascinating  Blog: A Conversation with the Green Man can be found at: